Villaggio Turistico Internazionale La Plana (Catania, Sicily, Italy)

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Villaggio Turistico Internazionale La Plana (Catania, Sicily, Italy)



About 10 minutes drive from the airport (€20 by taxi). Located right on the main beach strip- the area has some shops and within the “Village Compound” there is a restaurant and night club. You are also located right at the end of the runway so expect really loud aircraft noise- but that is minimal compared the noise coming from the “Afroclub” right in front on the beach as the base house music goes on till 5 and is very loud. Definetly the wrong location if you want to relax and sleep but good if you want to party all night.


Possibly for the price paid – one of the worst rooms ever. Each room is a villa and looking at other hotel pictures on this site- I clearly had the worst deal. Immediatly as you open the door within 30cm is the end of the double bed (no room to breath let alone getting any luggage in) then one major fault is to get to the bathroom – there is a shelf with a TV (from the 1990’s) on it that stick out- making it basically difficult to get to the bathroom. Within bathroom the shower, toilet is all on the same level – so water from the dirty looking shower goes everywhere. There was no real amenities – just a shampoo “sachet” and within the room an empty unplugged fridge. The A/C took about an hour to cool down the 3 by 3 metre room and was not that cold. It is also about a 5-10 minute walk from the entrance as all the villa’s are spread out.


WIFI password was given but within the 310-330 range of villas- you will not get any reception and is useless. There is a beach restaurant & snack bar which although had nice staff- it took ages to order and food was nothing special. There is a night club set up within the area and then a large night club called ‘Afrobar” right in front on the beach- in front of the villa. Went for a beer- the set up is ok, a sort of run down cheaper version of Nikki Beach in Miami- but staff all looked ‘high’ and say nothing. The music is really loud for when trying to get to sleep.
The actual beach was ok but little bit dirty- it is the main strip area though.


Staff were really nice during check-in and at bar restaurant staff were ok but the bar tender at the snack bar was really nice to chat to- speaks English well.
Overall the purpose of my visit was to have a night close to the airport- it was completely the wrong place for this and from looking at Agoda got the impression it was a smaller quieter place. For the money paid the room was terrible and no WIFI. If you don’t mind noise and are about 18 and wanna party then perfect. I wouldn’t stay here again.

Viale Presidente Kennedy, 47, 95121 Catania CT, Italy

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Not a comfortable room, barely can move in this 3 x3 metre room, AC takes an hour to cool down. Loud noise from beach club and WIFI does not work. Staff though are friendly.

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