Tune Hotel KLIA 2 (Sepang, Malaysia)

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Tune Hotel KLIA 2 (Sepang, Malaysia)

3 Case Rating


Tune is quite a hassle to find when in you are land after 22 hours of flying in KL main terminal. Since the Tune is located in KLIA 2 , the terminal where the low cost carriers leave from and this hotel is part of Air Asia. To get there if your coming in on a standard airline at KL terminal 1, you need to pay 5 Ringits for return ticket by train that runs every 15-20 minutes but takes only 3 minutes to get to KLIA2. Then it took me much time to figure out how to get to level 1, but once there you have a 5 minute covered walk to hotel. As your right by airport plus 7/11 is literally next door as is a cafe. To get food is no issue. If you do return the 5 minute walk to the airport , there are many places to eat. There are many places to eat, mostky fast food but all kinds & places to shop like H&M as well as including pharmacies etc.


Room first impression can only be described as Air Asia without the beautiful cabin crew to look at. Very red, white badly painted tired looking walls. Scrapes here and there & a sense a million people have stayed in the same room before you. However value for money is good especially for Air Asia flights & other low cost airlines as your on the door stop of the terminal. To be fair it did have some degree of functionality.
The large bed was adequately comfortable a bit firm but did offer a adequate simple workable bed side desk with international plug- easy to do work. Other side is a bedside table with a laptop size safe inside. A fan is available overhead as is AC digitally controlled by key card slot at door. TV Faces you but no guide There are 18 channels, local , Chinese, News like BBC, National Geographic etc- all worked well and a jazz music radio channel is also offered.
There is a open hanging wardrobe with about 5 coat hangers, with a fold out luggage rack below. Decor is very plane as well as large mirror above bed and by door.
The bathroom is very small- offering a open shower cubicle with Tune branded shampoo and soap only , plus some quite thin towels.
Overall the room was well used and tired. I had to change rooms initially as first one stank of smoke despite non smoking and 2nd one the light bulb didn’t work in bathroom, but staff did change it. In terms of value for money- for Europeans this is the IBIS version of Asia but just not as well thought out, the Tune feels like crush attempt at creating a factory of rooms with bad paint jobs and lacks of maintenance.


They offer free WIFI for 2 devices only, it was at times fast and other times very slow.
Next door is a cafe and there is also a 7/11 within the building for your conveniences.
The lobby has much seating. I don’t think they offer any other facilities since no signage or information to indicate otherwise. The lifts are also painfully slow to wait since so many people stay here.


Staff were kind enough to resolve issues I experienced but failed to wake me after numerous requests for a wake up call. They do this by knocking on door, but luckily i actually woke up naturally when I was suppose to- since no clock or phone is in room. Check-in/check out though was smooth.

Overall if I was staying between flights and flying into the normal Terminal 1- where all scheduled airlines fly to then I wouldn’t stay at Tune. Tune is for Air Asia passengers or those using Terminal 2. When it states 15 minutes from airport on hotels.com when in reality it means from Terminal 2, which the majority of overnight passengers would not be using- therefore it is quite a hassle and somewhere i wouldn’t choose to stay again unless i had to use Air Asia between flights.

Jln Klia 2/2, 64000 Klia, Selangor, Malaysia

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Not suitable for passengers using terminal 1, only those using low cost carriers. Very basic and poor maintenance.

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