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China – Be Quick! Character (Xi’an)

China – Messy! Character (Xi’an)

China – Oh My God! Character (Xi’an)

China – Perfect! Very good! Character (Xi’an)

USA – Texas Gun Love (Houston)

USA – Davy Crockett Statement about Texas Revolution (San Antonio)

Singapore – Al Gore Quote

Singapore – Mark Twain Quotes

Singapore – Dalai Lama Quote

Greece – Socrates Philosoper Statement (Athens)

USA – Keep Calm & Eat Bacon (Atlanta)

St. Lucia – Razta No Problem (Gros Islet)

Canada – Determination

Canada – Inspire

USA – These are the wonder years… (Atlanta, Georgia)

USA – Cherokee – To Love & To Be Loved Is Life’s Greatest Gift (Denver,CO)

USA – Cherokee Feast Of Days (Denver, Co)

USA – Spent Most of My Money on Beer & Women, The Rest I Wasted (Boulder,Co)

I’m Happier When I Travel

Australia – Road Sign

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