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Russia – Aeroflot Captain & Cabin Crew (Moscow)

Russia – Cathedral Of The Saviour Of Blood (St.Petersburg)

Russia – MIG 29 Fulcrum Made in Russia (St. Petersburg)

Russia – AK47 African Tribe (St. Petersburg)

Russia – Kazan Kremlin (Kazan)

Russia – KGB Careless Talk Enemy Help (St. Petersburg)

Russia – Krasnoyarsk Bridge Sign (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

Russia – Krasnoyarsk Bridge (Krasnoyarsk, Siberia)

Russia – Kremlin (Moscow)

Russia – Kremlin & Other Structures (Moscow)

Russia – Tank T80 (Omsk)

Russia – Crimea is Ours Putin (Moscow)

Russia – Kazan Cathedral (St. Petersburg)

Russia – Nude Beach (Sochi)

Russia – Sochi Statue (Sochi)

Russia – Fina World Championships (Kazan)

Russia T-90 Tank (St. Petersburg)

Russia – Topol M Nuclear Weapon (Kazan)

Russia – Ostankino Tower Metal (Moscow)

Russia – Ostankino Tower Sunset (Moscow)

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