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China – Be Quick! Character (Xi’an)

China – Messy! Character (Xi’an)

China – Oh My God! Character (Xi’an)

Russia – Aeroflot Captain & Cabin Crew (Moscow)

China – Perfect! Very good! Character (Xi’an)

Holland – Coloured Clogs (Amsterdam)

Vietnam – Lady in Traditional Blue (Hanoi)

Vietnam – Lady at Temple of Literature (Hanoi)

Laos – Vietnam National Costume (Vientiane)

Laos – Myanmar National Costume (Vientiane)

Laos – Indonesia National Costume (Vientiane)

USA – Texas Cowboy Hat (San Antonio)

Mauritius – Flip Flop with Beach Sand

Mongolia – Traditional Military Costume In the Country

Morocco – Maroc Headscarf (Marrakech)

Morocco – City & Clothing (Marrakech)

New Zealand – Maori Girl (Auckland)

Oman – Traditional Dress (Muscat)

Philippines – Wooden Bikini (Cebu)

China – Female Opera Costume (Guanzhou)

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