Shenzhenair International Hotel (Shenzhen, China)

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Shenzhenair International Hotel (Shenzhen, China)

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This hotel is located in downtown Shenzhen around 40 minutes drive from the airport, there isn’t much around the hotel as its next to big highways. If you were on business in Downtown area then this would be a suitable hotel. The Hotel itself is owned by the airline Shenzhen airlines and so is very themed towards air travel. With large jumbo 747 models in reception, model planes are everywhere in the bar plus the original business class seats inside make-shift model cabin layout, is by the concierge desk.


The room was fairly nice, each floor is themed and the floor I was on was about hot air balloons, the corridors and wall paper on the room is off hot air balloons. The bed is probably the biggest I have stayed in ( i believe it was to twin beds next to each other -so maybe 4 single beds size). It was fairly comfortable and the room was cleaned and had all good facilities such as a large desk, multiple lighting. The bathroom seemed like it was recently updated but no particularly modern – the shower worked well with good water.


There is a indoor swimming pool which looked long and clean. There is also a bar, restaurant and spa facilities which i was shocked to see at the top of the menu “royal prescription massage for Penis Care”. The restaurant has a buffet offering, the breakfast was adequate, western breakfast did not look very appetising where the bacon and sausages lay in a pool of oil and the bacon was basically 70% fat, however the fruit and bread facilities were adequate standard but there were many Asian breakfast options.


The staff were ok and most were friendly although if you wish to book the free shenzhen airport shuttle at 11am then you must book with the concierge by 8am. I was there at 8:30 and he said he couldn’t do anything, when I complained to the hotel manager they got me a free private Audi so its good to be assertive as they are not clear about the booking process of the airport shuttle only a small sign by the concierge desk – Check in prompted it but did not mention time you need to book by.

Shenzhenair International Hotel, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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Perfect hotel for airline/airplane enthusiastics as all decked out with planes in centre of Shenzhen.

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