Sea Sar Guest House (Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar)

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Sea Sar Guest House (Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar)



Located in the ‘base camp’ right next to where the trucks go to take pilgrims and guest to top of ,mountain to the location of golden rock. The bus station is 2 min walk and is only place you will find WIFI, in the town there is a restaurant and some shops about 3-5 minute walk way. There is not much decent eating options. From Yangon it takes about 4-5 hours drive. If you are walking down and to the summit (4 hour walk) the exit/entrance of pathway comes up near the hotel entrance – just keep going up the lane until you hit the pathway or down until you hit the town. In all honesty it is better to stay at the top where many guest houses are located.


Room 101 was large square room in an attached rows of huts. It is fairly large as is the bathroom but offers minimal amenities- only soap. The large double bed was very firm- almost hard, quite uncomfortable and includes a large itchy rug like duvet- rather pointless as it is very hot in the room. A fan faces this but circulates warm air. The a/c unit is adjacent and is rather pointless as does not face the bed. Found temperature of room very hot in the night in early May, the A/C unit was set to 25C. In winter it is not so warm here but May it is very hot at night. The room had an empty fridge (not even free water), with two straw chairs and a small table and that was it. Plugs are all two pin and badly placed but enough to charge your camera etc..
The bathroom is large white square room – very simple with a sink. An open plan floor with shower. Shower had hot and cold water but is quite open with regard to lizards and the odd insect. Basic sachet and toilet paper is provided along with a small towel. They do not provide any free drinking water say to wash your teeth.
Overall it was clean but very basic and not a room you want to spend more than a 8 hour sleep at.


There is a bar in the lobby area where you can sit and drink in straw chairs next to the lobby area. There is no WIFI but there is if you go to the bus station about 2minute walk. A restaurant exists for hotel but at time of dinner had limited meal options. Breakfast was poor with choice of Omelette or scrambled egg – I went for toast but there is no buffet.


Staff as everywhere in Myanmar very warm and friendly, more relaxed than the cities but here they do not make effort to make your stay comfortable.
When visiting Golden Rock I would suggest staying at the top as the buses leave at 6pm off season which is just before the magnificent sunset. I stayed and missed the bus and had to walk down the mountain pathway for 4 hours which was not an easy walk especially in the dark. You can buy drinks enroute and at the top some headlamps are sold but I suggest bring your own if you are going to do this. There seem to be many guest houses at the top- as many pilgrims stay there overnight. Sesar’s location is rather noisy with the bus station next door and loud speaker announcements from 6am onwards. Also middle of the night, dogs started fighting which woke me up. If I came back I would rather stay at the top.

Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar

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Staff nice but room is poor, rock solid bed, hot temp with poor ventilation and noise of trucks at base camp- better stay on top by Golden rock.

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