Samed Grand View Resort (Ko Samet, Thailand)

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Samed Grand View Resort (Ko Samet, Thailand)

3 Case Rating


Hotel is located on Koh Samet party beach called Saikaew Beach. The beach has various restaurants & bars. It is a busy beach more for younger people with some party bars but light tamed- not like Koh Phan Ghan etc. Beach itself has powedery white sand & is clean. Sea is ok but the odd floating rubbish is quite frequent. Many boats are there as parasailing is offered. It’s not the most chilled place but not a major party place just at nights some bars have loud music & fire shows. This hotel is one of them. During the day, it is relaxing with deck chairs but at night quite loud until about 12-1. To get here you there is a direct speed boat from Ban phae pier (300 each way) – it is quite bumpy but fast (20 min) with direct drop off outside your hotel. You just have to jump in sea, but its o your bags won’t get wet as assistance is offered. Otherwise a ferry service is 50 baht, which is slower & drops off at the pier on Koh Samet-about 1-2km from hotel.
From Bangkok to pier in main land to get speedboat expect 2-3 hours to get there by taxi (cost 2-2500 baht one way) but tourist buses are cheaper & available.


The booking was for twin beds – but which state only Thai cottages (the most expenses product) offer twin beds. However when you arrive at these cottage certainly do not offer twin beds. Only deluxe rooms do. I did see the cottage – very traditional Thai wood work design nice & cosy with a covered porch- perfect for a romantic couple but not for two friends. As we complained we needed twin beds as requested- hotel provided the cheaper deluxe room in main building.
This room is like a duplex. As you enter the bathroom is presented on ground floor- large room with glass front offers shower & toilet in same room- overhead and separate shower head- be careful not to get water on toilet paper as toilet is next to shower. Large sink with hotel branded amenities of generous size – shampoo, body lotion & shampoo & soap, dental kit and vanity as well are offered Large mirror & wooden chair.

To side is a wooden staircase which takes youup to the industrial clinical characterless room with two twin bed – quite hard beds.
Each bed offers a bedside table with two twin pin US plugs – though one is occupied with a mosquito plug. There is oddly a window on wall where you can see into other people’s room- so remember to close curtains.
Facing the bed is a very poor TV – all crackly offering some channels some times but mostly crackly, some times channels are not working. We found only English speaking channel was NHK Japan (but in English) & a Korean Channel. All else is in Thai & very basic no movie channels.

To the left corner is a cupboard unit with a mini bar full of beers & soft drinks in a fridge , coffee machine along with salt & sweet snacks. In addition on top is a large safe suitable for large laptops & everything else- somewhat easy to use.
There is no wardrobe in room 18 which is why my review is so bad – we had to put our clothes on the floor, which for $100 is totally unacceptable. (however noticed other rooms had wardrobes). The highlight of the room was the large balcony with two chairs & is great for smokers.

Overall the room is a terrible product, especially for price. Even 2 stars have wardrobes. There is also no ironing board. There is no hotel guide & beds are hard. There is also a basic A/C unit that is kind of noisey. You have to put clothes on floor which was totally unacceptable- they do have only coat hangers (2 ) I noticed was in balcony for wet clothes.I wouldn’t hang up normal clothes up there as it will fade in the powerful sun.
Overall the room for the price was terrible- avoid room 18 unless you like to put all your clothes on the floor as no wardrobe is offered.


Catering – the hotels offers a main restaurant in which complimentary breakfast is offered. Service omelette station which also has fried eggs, pancakes , French toast , bacon rashes- all pre made. Buffet items include various breads & got foods of Asian dish such as sweet & sour pork, fried rice, fish dishes etc-they were quite nice. Some fruit is also offered. Food is actually ok but the eggs are luke warm unless you demand the chef cooks it again, she does but just cooks and leaves it there- they are heart shaped though.

They also offer dinner there but did not try this. Other outlets include a neon bar(finale bar) which plays load music and offers comfy bean bags on beach. Another beach bar is opposite the neon bar that does sell Thai to western food. Pad Thai was particularly tasty. Fresh coconuts & cocktails are offered in both.
Lesuire facilities include a pool table, darts & table football- at the bars. No pool but bar is directly on sea. This is where they gave an impressive fire show at 9pm at night. This bar, finale bar, has a more Bangkok boutique feel to it but dependant on the music it can be terrible or good- depends if you like banging terrible EDM music like David Guetta. Lying on the bean bags though are very easy to fall asleep to.

There is some toilets & washrooms on site so you don’t have to go back to your room. Inside the main building I noticed a book shelf library area. No gym, and I did not see any spa. There are no business facilities except free wifi in which frustratingly drops frequently. When it works it is ok and is secure for multiple devices.


Staff couldnt be more incompetent, there was no details about room at check-in and because we wanted twin beds- it seemed to obviously inconvenience them. On our 2nd day they demanded we came to reception at 6pm stating we were suppose to check out- but after showing email they agreed it was next day – no apology though, just rude & woke my friend to do this. The bar servers were only nice staff but still hit & miss. There is certainly we couldn’t careless attitude & staff never smile. Check in they explained very few details.

Overall for 3 nights at $320- it’s a complete rip off of what is a distinctional 2 star hotel. There is nothing very strong about this hotel other than its clean. However my experience was negative & certainly hope to never stay here again.

95/2 Moo 2, Ko Samet 21160, Thailand

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Way Overpriced. Staff have a cannot be bothered attitude. Room 18 has no place to hang clothes, WIFI is flaky & beds are solid.

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