Royal Park Hotel The Haneda (Tokyo)

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Royal Park Hotel The Haneda (Tokyo)

4 Case Rating


Hotel is located within the international Terminal near the check-in island L and just around the corner- fairly easy to find as signage is offered and HND airport information staff very helpful. As your in the airport very accessible to any parts of Tokyo via JR line and buses plus the rest of the world etc.


The room on the 7th floor was rather small even for Japanese standards, for the price paid it seems a bit cramped even or me as a big westerner though just about ok for single traveller. The room offers a single bed but quite spacious but with only one pillow, though is comfortable. One side of bed is a mini side table built into unit that offers the touch light controls and bed side dimmer function. There is also an alarm clock, LAN slot and some ‘jimbo’ plug sockets (likely for some local phones but no USB unfortunately).
Next to this is a small old style case- not sure you can sit on as it opens and is next to coffee table. There is portable pull out luggage rack. To the side of bed is a very small closest to hang some items, plus shoe horn and brush. Also hotel branded slippers are offered and a sleeping outfit.
Facing the bed is a unit with TV on top- that offers 12 channels, many Japanese but none include BBC world news, CCTV and Korean. There is also some VOD at 1000Yen.
Below is a tiny refrigerator that offers one complimentary bottle of water. Plus an easy to use SAFE, laptop size and kettle with coffee and tea sachets. A telephone is offered next to TV and a air machine. The room has a digital AC controls which worked well.
The bathroom adjoins the bed room with see through windows though pull down blinds can be used for privacy. A combo deep bath and shower head is offered, plus a digital washlet. Amenities includes large dispenser bottles of body soap, shampoo and conditioner by Mikimoto. There is also a hair dryer and single amenities of toothbrush, shaver kit, brush and vanity kit plus hair dryer and plenty of towels.
Overall a compact room but functional for sleeping but not for working on computer upright as no desk offered. There is also some views of the airport for those plane minded spotters.


The hotels offers free fast WIFI that is secure and can be used for multiple devices.
There is a restaurant near lobby plus a smoking room and art gallery. There is also a massage service as mentioned in guide.


Staff are pleasant polite but regimented with struct guidelines that check-in is only allowed at 3pm with check out at 11am. I left at midnight so was allowed to check-in 30 minutes early, but with persuasion- she initially tried to charge me for 230pm check-in which seemed a bit over the top. They also charge a 100 yen tax despite a pre-pay booking as some form of city tax.
Overall a perfect location for between flights as no need to leave airport, HND has lots of nice facilities and shops, restaurants etc on 4th floor (one level above) so a nice spot without having to wait for a shuttle service meaning can maximise sleep as check-in area is on same level as lobby. However slightly over priced for what you get, when say compared to Hotel mystays or Excel- which both offered a working desk at around the same rate or less. However it was 3 days prior to christmas so perhaps prices were unusually high. However as mentioned very convenient for international departures in between flights and comfortable room. Would stay here again.

Japan, 〒144-0041 Tokyo, 大田区Hanedakuko, 2−6−5

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The Verdict Is...

Great hotel to maximise rest between flights at HND- but its quite over priced with lack of flexibility of check-in times.

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