Radiance Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai, China)

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Radiance Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai, China)



This airport hotel is located around 10-15 minutes drive from Shanghai Interntional Airport (SHA).If you are taking a taxi, the fare should be 40-50RMB. I would advise avoiding the airport arrival taxi desk, they will try and charge you 200, but managed to get it down to 100 which is still double what it should be. Insist on the taxi meter running to avoid this. Around the hotel within walking distance there are various shops, DVD street sellers, a couple of restaurants but very chinese and a couple of massage parlours, one directly next to 7/11 which has sign upstairs is very traditional and offers exceptionally good foot massages (uses fire) for only 60y for 100 minutes.


The room at this hotel is fairly basic 3 star room (western standards), the shower area does not have a cubicle and is just open plan with toilet right there like a school sports changing room. The bed is fairly hard compared to other Asian hotels, not extremely uncomfortable but very firm. I was on the 4th floor and internet is only available through the LAN so no wifi but once connected it works fine and is fast.
The table desk in the room is very unstable and I wouldn’t recommend a laptop on top of it (it collapsed when I tried to close curtains). The lighting and air con is fairly simple. There is no toilet amenities only charge able set, but you can use the shower gel and shampoo fixed dispensers.


This hotel has limited facilities, there is a restaurant on the 2nd floor which I briefly looked at but it smelt very pungent. It looked like a cafeteria without any identity or style. I was told that there are massage facilities for in the room but the reception insinuated that this service isn’t really a massage as the girls are over dressed? so she recommended the massage place across the road. There is no WIFI so only those with LAN compatible devices can use it. This was in 2012 so they may of updated to WIFI now.


The reception were very friendly, warm and efficient in their service. Check-in and out went very smoothly and the receptionist was very helpful in advising where to go for to eat. Every time guests walked through the reception they were always very friendly and smiled with good English language skills.

Radiance Hotel Shanghai, 465 Jinhui Rd, Minhang, Shanghai, China, 201103

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Nice staff but poor room & limited facilities.

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