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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Update to local measures ('Coronavirus' page)

  • Montenegro

    Update to information about local measures introduced to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) ('Coronavirus' page)

  • Belgium

    Addition of information and advice on the extension of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus ('coronavirus' page)

  • Ghana

    Further guidance for British citizens on immediate return options to the UK and information on local measures. ('Summary', 'Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)

  • Guyana

    Addition of information and advice on airport closures and international flights ('Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)

  • Peru

    On 15 March, Peru announced a national State of Emergency, which has now been extended until 12 April. Stringent curfew regulations are being ever more rigorously enforced so it is vital you follow these to avoid detention. ('Summary' page)

  • Serbia

    Update on curfew hours during the weekend. ('Coronavirus' page)

  • Austria

    Update to information and advice on road travel via Germany ('Return to the UK' page)

  • Croatia

    Announcement by Croatian authorities to temporarily waive penalties for overstaying. Foreigners who cannot leave on time due to COVID-19 restrictions should contact their nearest police station. ('Summary', 'Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)

  • Uruguay

    Addition of information on a commercial flight leaving Montevideo ('Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)

  • Paraguay

    On 28 March a nationwide ban on non-essential movement has been declared until 12 April ('Coronavirus' page)

  • Kosovo

    Update on local COVID-19 measures and request for travellers’ details ('Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)

  • Panama

    Summary: Update to entry requirements, local measures and return to the UK.

  • Turkey

    Summary: Reduced travel destinations from Turkey ('Summary', 'Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)

  • Ireland

    Summary: Update on restriction on local measures ('Coronavirus' pages).

  • Germany

    Summary: Advice for British nationals who wish to leave Germany (Coronavirus pages).

  • Brazil

    Addition of information about travel restrictions in Brazil ('Coronavirus' page)

  • St Lucia

    Addition of information and advice on national state of emergency limiting opening hours to essential services. St Lucia has closed the country’s borders and all flights to the UK have been suspended. ('Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)

  • Fiji

    Addition of information and advice on measures to impose a national curfew form Monday 30 March, from 10pm to 5am.

  • Solomon Islands

    Solomon Island Government have announced that the last scheduled international flight departed Honiara on Friday 27 March. Honiara International Airport is now closed to all scheduled international flights. ('Summary', 'Coronavirus' and 'Return to the UK' pages)