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  • Panama

    Updated information regarding the wearing of masks which is now compulsory nationwide ('Staying during coronavirus' page)

  • Suriname

    Addition of information on lockdown starting on 4 June 2020. ( 'Staying during coronavirus')

  • Montenegro

    Updated information on coronavirus-related measures and entry requirements. ('Staying during coronavirus' and 'Entry Requirements' page)

  • Uzbekistan

    Removal of information on flights ('Return to the UK' page) and addition of information on extension of coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, introduction of zones and tightening of car movements ('Staying during coronavirus' page)

  • New Zealand

    Updated information on domestic COVID-19 measures and border measures ('Staying during coronavirus and ‘Entry Requirements’ pages)

  • Turkey

    Updated information on flight options for returning to UK, and moving around in Turkey. ('Return to the UK' and 'Staying during Coronavirus' pages)

  • Jordan

    Addition of information on a Royal Jordanian flight from Amman to Doha on 11 June and onward travel from Doha to the UK with Qatar Airways ('Return to the UK' page)

  • Madagascar

    Update to information on renewal of Health State of Emergency restrictions (‘Staying during coronavirus’ page)

  • Namibia

    Addition of information and advice on changes to stage levels of lockdown restrictions in Namibia (‘Staying during coronavirus’ and 'Health' pages) and obtaining visa extensions ('Entry requirements' page)

  • Sierra Leone

    This travel advice has been reviewed in full and re-issued without amendment

  • Congo

    Addition of information on a possible flight to be arranged by the Italian Embassy, Brazzaville (‘Return to the UK’ page)

  • Comoros

    Update to information on coronavirus (COVID-19) measures on wearing of face-masks (‘Staying during coronavirus’ page)

  • Slovenia

    Updated information about the lifting of some social restrictions ('Staying during coronavirus' page)

  • Uganda

    Update to information on internal coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, including extension to curfew, relaxation of some public transport measures and opening of shopping malls (‘Staying during coronavirus’ page), and safety and security in northern and western Uganda ('Safety and security' page)

  • Liberia

    Removal of UK special flight information and update to information on returning to the UK ('Summary' and ‘Return to the UK’ pages)

  • Kuwait

    Updated information on visas and curfew ('Staying during coronavirus' page)

  • Mali

    Update to information and advice regarding flight options ('Return to the UK' page), mandatory wearing of face masks ('Staying during coronavirus' page) and advice on road travel, personal safety, terrorism and kidnap risks ('Safety and security', 'Terrorism' and 'Local laws and customs' pages)

  • India

    Addition of information on government guidelines which allow certain categories of foreign nationals to travel to India ('Entry requirements' page).

  • Equatorial Guinea

    This advice has been reviewed in full and republished without amendment.

  • South Africa

    Addition of information regarding closure of ticket booking on remaining repatriation charter flights to the UK ('Summary' and 'Return to the UK' pages) and update to information and advice on reduction of level 4 lockdown restrictions to level 3 from 1 June ('Staying during coronavirus' page)