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My love of The Magnets

I started collecting magnets in around 2011, it all stems back to my father and his magnet habit. He is a collector and his objective along with his wife is to cover their large US refrigerator in magnets from all corners of the globe. Being a former B747 Captain he has acquired many magnets on his travels but due to restrictions of the routes he has flown he was unable to personally complete his collection. I have been able to assist him to acquire magnets from more countries and cities due to my new travel consultancy role. This is what set me off, when tracking down magnets for him I started picking up a few interesting ones for myself. Before I knew it I had picked up the habit, followed in his footsteps I started to develop my own collection. However, we differ in our approach, it doesn’t matter to him if he has been to a place or not so long he has gets the magnets through other pilots or myself. I have much more stringent rules from which I never deviate.

Most importantly I must always personally get the magnet in the country I visit therefore enabling me to log all the places I have been. Also, I don’t buy anything for the sake of it, there has to be something about the magnet that interests me. To begin with I would tend to just buy something relating to the city I had visited but as I have delved deeper into the world of fridge magnets I have found that there are so many interesting little gems that offer a little inside into places around the globe. They cover everything from city scapes to weaponry, religion to drugs, with foods & ethnic statements in between and now if it intrigues me, I buy it. My aim is to eventually cover all the walls in a room and arrange them all into a huge collage of magnet art. I think I have around half a wall so far. As my journeys continue my collection grows ever larger. I will be posting all my new finds regularly, so check back to keep updated.



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