Le Passage Cairo (Cairo, Egypt)

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Le Passage Cairo (Cairo, Egypt)

3 Case Rating


Le Passage is about 5 minutes away from Cairo Airport, very convenient for flights and very secure. If you feel like venturing out, 10 min drive or 10km is Heliopolis, a wealthy district with stunning archietcture with great dining and clubs such as Ayadina or Sachi. And see the famous Baron Empain Palace. The Pyramids are about 60km away or 1 hour by car.


The charcterless room on the executive 4th floor is quite small offering a comfortable double bed with wooden glass top bedside tables on both sides with a phone and touch pad lightning controls (the only thing that is innovative otherwise it feels like your visiting your granny in her retirement home). A single two pin Euro plug is under one of the tables.

Facing the bed is a decent size TV with DTV channels in Arabic, French, Italian, Russian,Chinese,Indian, English movies and Regional Gulf and African countries. Caters for almost everyone.

Glass top desk, more ideal for women doing make up than working on a computer. Though a UK plug socket is close by plus an arm chair and small side table. Though not particularly comfortable or new.

Plenty of space for clothes in a large wardrobe with amble amount of coat hangers as well as cupboard that contains a laptop size safe- though credit card swipe system is the function to use it, in which I didn’t really like the idea of, so didn’t use it.
There is a mini bar fridge in corridor and offers soft drinks, beer, some chocolates and nuts and a … random white t-shirt.
The bathroom offers a combined bath and shower but with very basic unbranded amenity bottles of shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. Bring your own toothbrush, shower gel and body lotion as the products are not attractive to use. The bathroom looks quite dated and grimy around the edges.
There is a digital AC unit that worked well.

Overall the room feels clinical with an ambience that feels like it might be main stream in the early nineties. It also lacks functionality for the business traveller with only two plug sockets which differ. However it is fine for a night between flights but you will feel depressed if you want to experience an authentic Egyptian hotel experience.


The hotel has free open WIFI and worked ok, not super fast but sufficient.
There are 4 or more catering options that includes an Italian , Chinese and international Ala carte plus a lobby bar. I had breakfast and it was disappointing not so much the food but the chaos in the buffet restaurant at 6am. It was so busy that all tables are taken on my first day, takes ages to queue up to even use the basic coffee machine with hundreds of people and the cleaning standard is slow and poor with one having to ask staff to clear tables. Perhaps I was just there are wrong time but it did have an overly congested buffet and then searching endlessly for somewhere to sit and eat. The bar to be fair did look more chilled out in the lobby but like the room feels like it might be exciting if it were 1992.

This hotel has a casino, discotheque, and whole load of other things none of which I visited as tired between flights but it looks like there is plenty to do looking at the endless signage. There is also a large swimming pool and kids pool, in which was heated. I believe there is a business centre & gym as well. In the lobby there are some shops from jewellery to souvenirs.

FOR NON – SMOKERS, be wary this hotel has ash tray everywhere though they are cleaned frequently, the lobby can be smokey depending if there is a Chinese tour group all smoking, there are even ash trays in the corridors for rooms, its seems like a smokers paradise here as ash tray is every 10 metres but this is Egypt where everyone appears to love good smoke. My room even had an ash tray but I couldn’t smell smoke, though didn’t have that clean fresh smell one expects.


Staff seem ok, quite friendly and hospitable in all areas. They do make effort and acknowledge and wish you a good morning which is a nice effort. Slightly pushy in the shops though. Overall though they make some effort. Check-out took a while with only one staff handling a line of guest despite 4 or 5 other desks open.

In terms of value for money in which is around 150USD with breakfast (02/2017) I would say the room even on executive floor feels over priced but it is quiet and clean. The only reason to stay here is to be close to airport and is perfect for a smokers that love gambling but its not an interesting hotel experience for someone that travels unless its your first time out of jail. Saying that the staff are nice but breakfast is just chaotic and almost not worth it with mediocre buffet and stress (if you go in rush hour pre 7am). I would only stay here if I had to but wouldn’t choose it- the room is just dull and smoking is everywhere.

Cairo International Airport (CAI), Sheraton Al Matar, Qesm an Nuzhah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Only for those needing to be safe near airport & do not mind the dull room with smoking everywhere

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