Hotel 233 Park Street (Kolkata, India)

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Hotel 233 Park Street (Kolkata, India)

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Located just off a main roundabout intersection, more of less in downtown area. From main CCU airport, it takes about 45min-1 hour by taxi depending on time, its only about 16 km but the roads can be extremely busy. It costs around 400rs by local firm and via hotel meet & greet about 1200rs. I went with hotel service and they met me on time and offered a nice AC car with an English speaking informative staff telling me about Kolkata on the drive to the hotel.
Within area, mothers house (Mother Theresa) is about 10-15 minutes walk, Victoria Memorial about 20 minutes walk but all in all – very central if you like to walk about but plenty of tuktuk is not. Nearby are some Indian food stall and odd restaurant, some shops, pharmacies etc but most of this city is very ‘local’ and not so much offered for the tourist such as limited souvenir/crafts shops/massage at least when compared to Delhi. However only spent 24 hours here so cannot judge correctly as am sure there is an area for a good market that is attractive to tourists.


The room is the highlight of this hotel, for a 3 star – the decor was magnificent. All antique Indian furnishings that smell of woods as old as as it looks- preserved, very clean but built many years ago. So unique that none of the other 100+ hotel rooms I’ve stayed at in the last two years can be compared to this one. So much character so much history.
The bed is the highlight, a intricately carved design large wooden frame with large central posts with even a mirror in the front of the post that holds a wooden square above, perhaps previously curtains were on there, it felt very early 19th century. Whilst the mattress was a little firm, it was spacious and comfortable but more importantly- it was very enlightening just lying in bed observing the design imaging the history of when this was made – which hotel bed do you put that much thought into it?
There is also an antique bedside table with a telephone. Here on the side wall is also where one controls all the lighting and overhead fan- fairly easy with three pin plugs offered (not UK though but Euro two pin plugs fit ok). The room also offered a digital remote control AC unit. Lighting goes with the boutique theme with mixed coloured glass lamp shades (little Morrocan) on the high ceiling above along with free hanging wooden boards to give a loft feel.
Next to the bed is an old but again clean thick wooden wardrobe that had a strong old wood (not rotten but nice) scent. Large enough for Jackets & dresses and includes a small safe.The safe is not fixed down to preserve the antique wardrobe but not to worry because these are old expensive products of their time and so that and a thick heavy set of drawers both include locks in which keys are offered- so one can lock these as well for extra safety. The wardrobe also includes a mirror as does the bathroom & back of main door- slippers are also offered in the wardrobe.
The drawers is also where the kettle is with some coffee and tea making facilities- two half litre water bottles are offered. Next to this is a small desk and as with all furnishings is an antique looking lamp that had that classic cowboy tavern look. Two, two pin plugs are offered so one can work on a computer with no trouble, read a book or write that postcard. As breakfast is served in the room only, there is a a small antique sofa- royal lounge style not comfortable for lying around but good enough size for two people with wooden coffee table in front. A soft wooden box stool is also offered and small bags can be placed there sort of a luggage rack. The floor is all marble but a thick rugged wooden rug exists either side of the bed so one does not initially get cold feet in the morning when existing the high bed. There is a also a strange mirror covering a opening doors near the ceiling not an issue but looked odd.
The only thing modern (other than kettle and AC) in this room is the TV, sony flat screen that offers hundreds of channels but hard to find an English one although some exist such as HBO – the TV is quite complex to use, as you need to use the digital box but staff are happy to explain.
The bathroom is of good size and offered a shower cubicle of which a rain shower and separate shower head is offered, hot water & pressure was of no issue which can be in other indian cities I have stayed at.
Amenities are a bit slim with some sachets and soap but they do offer a toothbrush and toothpaste- unopened. Two large towels are offered
Overall the room is very nice but not perfect, the TV for instance is hard to see when in bed due to front facing post, a list of channels would be nice for foreign travellers and perhaps a large fixed shower gel would nice in the shower- I would recommend you bring your own shower gel as the sachets do not indicate what they are. The room has no windows & this is the second time I have stayed in a room this way, but did not make me feel claustrophobic because literally outside of door is reception. You can also hear the constant horns but in the distance, the reception area is outside of all rooms, right there, though is very quiet.
Overall this room is for those that wish to experience sleeping in history, it creates a really interesting atmosphere and has a cosy atmosphere.


The hotel does not really offer any facilities other than free WIFI which worked perfectly and fast. Rooms all surround the lobby (think there is 8) so it is small and boutique but well worth the money for the rooms. You get to choose breakfast the night before and they deliver it at your desired time in the morning (see menu in attached photo), I arrived at 3am and asked if they could serve at 11 which was of no bother to the staff. Food was quite nice, tried the Indian option pancake and enjoyed it. There is also some a Indian food menu in the room that can be delivered.


Staff, as other reviewers have said are so helpful and sincere, they are welcoming every time you arrive and very helpful with sights and information. I chatted to one guy for a while and he offered me some local desert cakes which was very kind. It was this personal effort from staff on all levels that in my opinion made the staff the best in India (& I’ve stayed in a executive suite at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai).
I really enjoyed this hotel and would certainly recommend to friends visiting Kolkata, the only thing is Kolkata is very hot and a pool would be perfect but other than that & with those on a budget wishing to explore this unique city easily, this hotel is perfect choice, room is a memorial experience in itself.

P – 233, Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017, India

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Very nice room that feels like you are in a museum thanks to boutique antique feel furnishings. Very close to centre with helpful staff & decent breakfast offered.

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