Hoogenweerth Suites (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

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Hoogenweerth Suites (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

3 Case Rating


The suites are located near the Maastricht marina in a beautiful green riverside setting, lovely gardens to relax in. Maastricht is around 2km or 5-10 minutes drive to the centre of the city. You could walk it but its good half hour walk. However they do rent bicycles out as well- so would probably take 15 minutes bike ride say directly to the centre square of the city.


Quirky, artistic and interesting. A room like no other. I stayed in the Adam love suite, which is one of their ground floor suites- this includes a very comfortable (slept like a baby) double bed with very small tables each side. There are two tolomeo desk lights soon each side of the bed, which can be flexible to move down up wherever etc. In fact every light, except one wall, in the room is a Tolomeo desk lights, this is same in the toilet (the only seperate room with door to close). Also by the bathroom sink is the same light and the kitchen area. A small TV faces the bed in which has cable channels many are in English plus local Dutch.

The kitchen area to the side of the bed offers an expresso machine, kettle with various teas and coffee. Plus a medium size refrigerator below in which contains some mini bar items- immediately you will notice the empty fake Veuve Cliqueot bottle to add to the quirkiness.

The room offers no seating or desk and the open bathroom is right next to the bed, which includes an oval bath with detachable shower head (though found the controls hard to use for the shower head). A large leaning board is the sink which gives an innovative feel to the room. Amenities include mini bottle soap, shower gel, shampoo and body lotion by the brand Paul Schulten. Decent products.

There is an shelf with coat hangers for clothes, a small safe (not for laptops) and a pull out luggage rack. Other than that no seating or desk. There is no air conditioning either, but a radiator is available. The room is quite airy but in mid summer I would hope they would include a fan etc- didn’t see one though.

Overall the room has this kind of ‘love hotel room’ vibe going for it. Nothing to suggest this in terms of amenities but the open bathroom and bed etc, has the quirky boutique love hotel feel to it. Certainly not seedy but a place for lovers, definitely. Not for business travellers or those with young families.


The suites offers free WIFI multiple devices and is secure with password.

Rather confused about what is offered at the premises, such as the main building house appears to be for private events though it does include a bar, i tried to check-in there and was escorted to the side building where the line of suites are located. Told building is used for private events only. There do offer breakfast, at a cost, but due to leaving early I declined. There is some kind of restaurant next to the suites which I assume is where breakfast is and dinner is offered- but am not sure if this is part of hotel. When you book, I didn’t see an option to add breakfast but was offered on check-in at a fee.

The hotel does hire out bicycles and the grounds are nice spots for walking with some wooden loungers and benches to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Off course the hotel does offer free parking in which is why I choose this setting. You can park your car, if space is available directly outside of your room, so long you have a ground floor suite.


Only staff I met was a girl that checked me in, she was welcoming and escorted me to room- explaining the room etc. Friendly and gave me a map for directions.

Overall a nice place to come for younger couple, definitely be careful coming out of the bath as the floor is shiny and slippery. The free parking and WIFI was the bonus for me. Located in nice setting but the facilities are confusing, its not really a hotel but more of a well organised bed and breakfast. I would come back.

Hoge Weerd 2, 6229 AM Maastricht, Netherlands

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The Verdict Is...

Quirky suites in beautiful setting, has a love hotel room vibe to it.

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