Homeland Hotel (Chengdu, Sichuan, China)

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Homeland Hotel (Chengdu, Sichuan, China)



This hotel is also fairly close to Chengdu Airport (15 minute drive away). Its a hotel that you would only really want to stay there for one night to be close to airport.


I checked into a regular room which had to be changed because of the strong smell of dampness.
The hotel is rather dated and that included the air conditioning system, presumably when a room is not used they do not have air con going in it so the room starts to get too humid especially in the summer resulting in the furniture smelling damp which leaves a very uncomfortable odour. After being allowed to move, the next room didn’t have any toilet paper which was quite annoying and house keeping had to return. The room itself is of ok size but very dated furniture style, old trying to be elegant wooden counters but in need of a paint job. The bed is of ok soft ness but felt like it sheets on the bed had been made a month ago and not used since. The air con is not great, very old style dials which makes it difficult to pin point desired temperature. The bathroom is also dated in style compared to other Asian airport hotels. The water worked ok and the shower and bath were fine but the counter tops just looked about 20 years old.


Didn’t get to see much of the facilities of this hotel as there was a large trucker convention going on when I arrived but there is a couple of restaurants and a outdoor swimming pool seen from the room. Very bland nothing special about it. I did order room service and decided to go for a Pizza which was a bad option as it turned up almost stone cold, hard base and the cheese as you pick it up the food slides off without any effort. Microwavable ones are better.


The staff at the hotel were strange well at least the reception staff they were all girls in very short skirts and tights, it looked a bit unprofessional. The staff didn’t speak much English unless its the area manager whom was helpful. Ordering room service was fairly difficult as they can’t speak any english and you need to go through the area manager.
All in all if I stayed in Chengdu again I probably would give this hotel a pass.

Homeland Hotel, China, Sichuan, Chengdu, Shuangliu, 机场路181号 邮政编码: 610225

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Dated hotel room uncomfrtable and in need of a refurbishment.

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