Hangzhou ZTG Airport Hotel (Hangzhou, China)

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Hangzhou ZTG Airport Hotel (Hangzhou, China)



The hotel is very close to Hangzhou airport, around 3-5 min drive. You can see the runaway from high floors. Believe there is a shuttle service between both but did not use it. The immediate area around hotel is main roads and a couple of building sights. Not an area to have a walk.


The Room was presented clean and is positioned quite large at the corner of the building with large windows all round showing the motorway. It’s comfortable and clean but lacks any coseyness .the AC unit is the most annoing because it’s either too cold or too hot. Everything is decorated clean but lacks any identity. It’s quite generic, perhaps because the lighting functions are limited to create a mellow environment. The bathroom is adequate but as well quite bland Design. There is a lot of marble floor but no pictures and it honestly felt like I was sleeping in a part of an insurance company building. Everything you need but is far from homely or luxury.


The facilities are quite limited, there is a spa area for massages but separately to the hotel. Believe there is a gym. A small bar down by reception. And a 24 hour restuarant with a fairly poor selection of Asian dishes and quite pricey. The reception area is very marble and feels like its a reception area for a large corporation. Does not feel like a hotel at all. Breakfast is served on top floor and is minimal for western, one fried egg and some bread etc otherwise good selection for Asian cuisine.


Staff we’re not so freindly possibly because they could not speak much English. Check-in and Check-out took a while and at breakfast the manager came to tell me that my deal does not include breakfast, so after much back and forth to her manager phone during my meal it’s was misunderstood which room I was in (that annoing language barrier) in the end they confirmed I had brekfast but spoiled it because she kept disturbing me and did not double check my room number and name. Breakfast itself was ok though, it offers a good view of the air field.
Overall the hotels is fine if you are there less amount if time, overnight for a sleep before a flight anymore and your start to feel very bored.

Hangzhou ZTG Airport Hotel, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 311207

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No character - office block atmosphere both in room and reception, staff lack languages skills for International travellers but located close to airport though nothing else is around.

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