Cotton Bay Hotel (Pointe Cotton, Mauritius)

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Cotton Bay Hotel (Pointe Cotton, Mauritius)

3 Case Rating


Cotton Bay is located on the east coast about 30 minute drive from Rodrigues airport. They offer a free shuttle based on flight times of Air Mauritius. Within area is a public beach which is well known for its octopus fishing, though a lot of other areas are also noted for this. There is a small hut with snacks etc by the public beach. For all major sight other popular beaches it’s no more than 20-30 minutes by scooter as its a small island, most of the road are very well developed.


My room which seemed to be the closest to the pool and main area is a spacious room, 3 star resort room (of Indian Ocean standards) standard but could do with some improvements. The bed is very large but quite firm- not that uncomfortable but not exactly soft. Each side are wooden bedside tables but no drawers. Lamps are on top & they are the main source of lighting, since the ceiling just offers a ceiling fan- making the room quite dark overall.
One of the side tables has controls for the hallway light and the fan but to have a plug by the bed requires unplugging the lamps. There is a small straw sofa which is basically good for placing your bag on, since it only faces the bed – not the TV. The room also offers a dressing table/working desk with 2 UK plugs and 2 Euro. The chair is just a straw stool so ok for make up but not really for any length of time, such as working on a computer (then again this resort is not a business hotel).
The desk drawers offers a bunch of candle sticks but no holders, so not functional unless you stick them to their desk, in which I am sure the hotel don’t encourage (covering everywhere with wax). There is a pointless fold up luggage rack that the straps are broken, not sure why they don’t remove it or repair it since it look bad.
To the side of the bed at the beginning of the hallway is a flat screen TV, but no guide is offered. 8 channels, of all sorts, some very grainy picture, all but one is in French, BBC news though it has no sound when other channels did (an ongoing issue I am told by the management) .
Above the TV, in a badly thought out position is a kettle with free teas and coffee but no bottle water, why it is above the TV and electronics makes no sense since surely it’s a health and safety issue incas you spill the kettle and there is plenty of room on the desk. Below was an empty mini bar filled on request. Two large wardrobes one with umbrella & (shocking for resort) only 4 clothes hangers are offered. They offer no slippers or flip flops, or even robes – first I have seen at a beach resort which even 2 star ones do in Asia.
Small bathroom is offered with a shower only, worked fine, only two towels one big one large and mini bottles of hotel branded shower gel, shampoo and body lotion only, no dental kit, annoying because I lost my tooth brush thinking a resort might offer one but only if if you buy.
There is a patio outside with two straw chairs and table – the highlight of the room.
Overall for the price they charge (200plus euros a night) and it is the number 2 hotel on the island, I’m afraid to say in my experience of resorts and beach, it was shockingly disappointing in how badly thought out everything is and lack of basic things like a safe and one free bottled water at the least. The broken luggage rack on display really makes the hotel look even worse, plus no guide to anything- TV, facilities, nothing.
Hotel rooms I have stayed at In Reunion and Mauritius offer at flip flops and the Reunion one was only 2 star small hotel. Cotton bay should get their act together and consider the degrading standard of room but perhaps they are either broke or just don’t care to fix these issues. It’s seems like they are complacent being one of the first resorts. You can also hear the TV in the adjoining rooms and guest chatting, lucky didn’t have any annoying ‘noises’ but the room 102 (the receptionist room) had constant stream of phones ringing thru the evening which as you trying to get to sleep became annoying.


The hotel offers free wifi at the bar and reception only, it is very slow and painful but this is Rodrigues in general and not the hotels fault, though I do think a resort should have wifi across the board (such as in rooms) since even 10 metres from the lobby it won’t pick it up. Especially considering how much it costs.
The hotel offers a large pool full of sand but seemed ok very central to the hotel. With bar opposite and restaurant and lounge room which turns into a club at about 9-11pm playing local and international music like your at a 1990’s wedding.
The restaurant offers a buffet service which was fairly basic run of the mill, overall Mauritius suffers from bad food at resorts when at buffets but the barbecue fish was nice on the night I stayed. They have a guy waking around playing an accordion. I think it differs every night.
There is a shop that sells some souvenirs including a map of the island at 200 rupiah in which seemed a very cheap that the hotel don’t offer a free map anyway- similarly a postcard of the hotel, you even have to pay for.

There is one computer to connect to Internet Windows only but is still painfully slow despite LAN connection.
The hotel is right on the beach, outside room is a nice kind of garden of Aloe Vera plants and a few cabanas to sit in. They have plenty of deck chairs around the pool in which were comfortable so long mattress are on them. The ones on the beach are horrendous almost left angle design offering zero comfort but the odd upright chair is ok. However I noticed these on all the beaches i visited in Mauritius so must be public, it seems though worldwide the chairs of Mauritius including the airlines are some of the most uncomfortable I have experienced in the world.

They have a boat house that advises on sea- subs diving and free snorkel hire, but when i went you are not allowed in the sea after morning due to its high tide. They do rent out snorkels, and advice of scuba and snorkelling trips plus there is a concierge desk for tours in which staff are very informative of.
They also rent out scooters at 800 rupiah for day only (not 24 hours) and 4×4 at 1600 which staff try and push but I found the scooter fun to drive over this hilly mountain making stopping for the fantastic views easier to as the roads are a acceptable, even the ones with pot holes down lanes etc.
There is a kids play area and SPA in which offers a sauna and steam room but you must book to use. Massages are also offered close to 2000 rupiah. I didn’t see these facilities. It’s again odd they offer those but not a gym.
Overall the facilities are ok but dated in general its- there is no promotion of their facilities or guides so its hard to find out. Plus they don’t seem to provide much in the way of entertainment other than the evening disco. I mean like most resorts such as day trips etc or things included in your package.


Staff here are actually much nicer and more warmer service orientated that you find on the mauritus island. Overall they were the strength of the hotel, easy to chat to but they do try and get as much money out of you as possible with excursions and car hire etc.. but that is Mauritius in general.

Overall this hotel was paid for me but looking at the prices it is well over charged for what you get- especially the standard of the room. I mean the price is more than say a Shangri La in Oman but this is a 3 star hotel. The staff are nice and the location is really relaxing especially at night. Rodrigues is likely not a competitive market for hotels so a degree of complacency exists but hopefully cotton bay will reagin its former glory to the top spot with some work on the rooms and details of the facilities.

Pointe Cotton, Rodrigues Is, Mauritius

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Very friendly staff but dated resort in need of a upgrade. Room had many issues.

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