Capodichino International Hotel (Naples, Italy)

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Capodichino International Hotel (Naples, Italy)



Located about 10 min’s walk or 300 or so metres. Just follow road in front of airport straight until you get to second roundabout and turn right, walk to the end , then turn left. You will see a pizza place and roads signs show hotel. The area at 11pm definitely felt sketchy, walking past a needle bin etc. Hotel has door bell to vet undesirables an huge fence so is safe. It is close to airport. Wouldn’t recommend walking with large bags, pavements are sometimes quite thin. There seems to be the odd shop, restaurant but not much else. Hotel is right next to major highway and despite the double glazing you can hear the cars through the night.


Room 94 had obviously been recently renovated as the main hotel corridors had unsightly building materials everywhere. The room is oddly shaped, though spacious but poorly thought out. Bed is very firm double bed but no bed side tables, instead a shelf behind with two side light, but you can not reach them lying down and have to get out of bed to get turn them off. There are plugs there though each side. Plus a safe but no key to open it or clock, a telephone does exist though for wake up calls.
A luggage rack faces bed as does a TV high on the wall, which has many channels but only non Italian is a French Channel that i could find after going through about a 100 channels. A desk also faces bed with a unusual ladies dressing table chairs, covered in fabric, plug sockets exist and also a table lamp with kettle and tea and coffee. A mini bar is underneath and has a prosecco, beer, 2 waters and a soda but no price list.
There is a sort of mini hall way by door which has the large wardrobe though empty and a central AC unit oddly above but it does not face the bed so found it hard to cool the room quickly. You cannot open the windows either.
The bathroom is quite spacious and offers a bath tub with hand held shower cord and some screens- shower is of good pressure. Amenities include a razor, toothbrush, hairdryer and some sachets of soap and shower gel.
Overall the room was rather clinical and at the same time strange colours of curtain and bedding in contrast to wall colours, a nice photo of naples bay is above the bed though, but would be nice to look at it when lying in bed. Other than that I like to turn off lights without getting out of bed but no chance in this room, also a A/C facing the bed in heat of naples would be better thought out. There is also no hotel guide, tv guide or any information.


WIFI is free and worked fine but the password is on back of the key-which powers room- so you have to pull out to get- why not have a sign in the room etc?, there is a small pool outside but did not use this. Breakfast is complimentary and is quite nice, warm sweet chocolate or cream croissants are offered. There are no lift’s either in the adjoining building that I stayed at.


Staff at check-in was ok, spoke English well and quite clear with instructions- in the morning staff was pleasant and did invite me for breakfast during check-out.
Overall it was over priced for so called 4 star hotel which is more like 3 star. The noise of the road is heard though you will sleep. Also the AC is slow to cool down the boiling room at 11pm which took over an hour. The bed is also very firm and woke up with back ache. Yes its close to the airport but walking is not that comfortable and as mentioned road is busy outside and noisy.

Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena, 35, 80144 Napoli, Italy

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Not a comfortable room, too much noise from road and lack of natural light. Nice breakfast though but walking from airport at night felt sketchy.

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