Bounty Island Resort (Bounty Island, Fiji)

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Bounty Island Resort (Bounty Island, Fiji)

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Bounty Island takes about 35 minutes by South Sea Cruise (that goes 2-3times a day) though believe another service does go there from the Danaree port not far from Nadi (30 minutes)
It is a small island that the whole resort owns, you can loose yourself in the small jungle or walk around the island in 20 minutes. Perfect for finding your own private time with yourself or loved one on the nice beach that surrounds the island.


The room called a Tree house was simple but reasonably priced. A wooden hut with shutters & mosquito nets surrounding it. I didn’t upgrade to next level that offers A/C and is a cement building on the beach. There is also a lower level bunkbed dormitory.

The room offer quite a hard bed, not great comfort but this is a modest resort- above is a ceiling fan which was ok. There are no bed side tables, just a fridge on a stool & kettle with tea & freeze dry coffee-they include milk but no water (though they offer top ups of your bottles from the filtered water at the bar). A large blanket is offered as well as a small stool level table in corner- other than that it is bare. The bathroom is of good size with shower that had decent hot water with amenities of mini bottle of soap & conditioner.
Overall the room/hut is very simple. For Fiji islands the price was good as some comparisons only offer shared bathroom. This was around US$65, but you can upgrade to a better room for double that or half the price for dormitory. There is no TV only at the bar but at a paradise place like this there is no need.


The resort charges you a set fee of $85 for the full board service, there is no option & all of the Fiji island resort’s do this, since there is no other options as to where to eat. For breakfast & lunch there is a buffet which has vegetarian options spinach dishes etc & meat such as curry for lunch or sausages for breakfast. For dinner you get 3 course ala carte with the choices when I was there being fish or lamb curry. Fish was good, you get soup for starters & fruit/ice cream for desert. Overall the food was ok. There is no drinks included except tea or coffee. There is a bar though that serves cocktails.
In terms of WIFI- it is quite expensive. About FJ $8 one hour or $25 for 24 hours. It also only can only be used by the bar/pool & restaurant- not from any room. It’s work ok & understand they need to charge since it’s done via satellite.
Leisure facilities include a pool, 2 volleyball places, 1 on beach & 1 in a field, a boat shop that offers free kayaks both single & two person. Free snorkelling & also surf boards for paddling. You can also rent jet skis for around 20 minutes it is FJ$115- quite expensive. Snorkelling wise it is ok- not incredibly impressive as quite a bit of coral is damaged but I still saw some big 3 foot fish – the sea is clean & it’s nice and clear. The kayaks are also good & I circled the island for excersise in 25 minutes.
The hotel offers many sun loungers under wooden huts – very relaxing to have a sleep. the bar has some activities at night. It seemed at night there was two options- those that wanna hang out with the staff & drink a kava ceremony (me) very nice or the younger crowd whom wanna dance & party with alcohol.
This island also offers massage facilities, a jungle walk through the middle of the island & also a turtle pond- where they save the babies for a year before putting back in sea (as survival rate is low for new borns in sea).


Staff are the highlight, some of the nicest people I have ever met & hanged out they make you feel like a family member, they are so welcoming use your name all the time, despite I kept forgetting theirs. There is true 5 star Fijian hospitality offered at this resort.
Overall the resort is so chilled, clean with something to do each day, the room is simple but it is reasonable. I highly recommend this resort of it staff and if you have a few days off and need to be close to Nadi like myself. There is better resorts further out for snorkelling etc but this only 30 minutes. I was there during Cyclone Winston in which we all had to evacuate the next day, staff handled this well and i was glad i stayed so close as the sea was extremely choppy with an unpleasant ride back to the port at Nadi.

Bounty Island Resort, Bounty Island, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

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A simple resort on a small but beautiful idyllic island. Room is ok but could be better, bed was hard and no pictures,safe or any bottled water offered. WIFI is expensive but free snorkelling, activities and kayaking. Staff though make this resort - you are welcomed better than your own family and they never forget your name.

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