Berggasthaus Wallackhaus (Heiligenblut, Austria)

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Berggasthaus Wallackhaus (Heiligenblut, Austria)

4 Case Rating


Located on the Grossglockner high alpine road, about half way down the route just past the highest point.
The hotel is at an altitude of 2400 metres high that with outstanding views and various walking trails.

Perfect for those keen to do the Glossglockner road experience and as a result of booking, the hotel emails you a discount to enter the road, twenty five euro plus a free national park card that they register in your name. This gives guests access to free use of cable cars at various places along the route as well as other sights as far away as Kolnbrein Dam in this huge natural park.


The basic single room was clean with wooden cosy decor offering a mountain view.

Single but comfortable bed next to two power sockets but no bed side lights.
A small table and chair is offered plus a wardrobe. There is an old non flat screen TV with about 10, all local TV stations in German only.

The bathroom is of good size with a shower cubicle and some soap dispenser is offered.

One weakness is lighting, only two small lights of which are very dimly lit so can be a quite dark at night, couldn’t read etc.

Overall the room for under sixty euros a night was good though since the location is perfect and room is quite cosy for a night. Slept beautifully thanks to the fresh cool alpine air coming thru the open window.


Hotel has wifi (limited to 500mb) and this worked fine on top floor. However I didn’t really do much on my phone but left it on overnight and by morning had used the allocated 500mb already.

There is restaurant and this is where the complimentary continental breakfast is offered. It was fairly good and fresh. All decked out in cabin style and is a nice high mountain spot to dine.

I noticed a table football room and next door a relaxation reading room that was quiet with impressive mountain views.

Parking is also free with plenty of spaces.


Staff are nice and friendly, like majority of Austria. Helpful with road details and quite efficient. I didn’t even know about the free National Park Card so was a pleasant surprise at breakfast to be handed this with my name already registered. If not staying at hotel, it costs to have this card.

Despite the simplicity of the room, the experience seemed good value for money. The location is the highlight and a unique experience up in the alpine clouds. Highly rate this place and hope to come back. The National Park Card was also a bonus.

Untertauern 20, 9844 Heiligenblut, Austria

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The Verdict Is…

Cosy hotel right on the high alpine road at 8,500 ft. With complimentary National Park card included in price.

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