Baolilai International Hotel (Shenzhen, China)

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Baolilai International Hotel (Shenzhen, China)

4 Case Rating


The 5 star hotel Baolilai is a very comfortable high standard hotel conveniently located around 10 minutes drive from Shenzhen airport. The very impressive looking building has many features such as 4 or more restaurants including top floor one which rotates offering a good view of the local area and airport.


The room it self (in Area A) was immaculately clean, offering a modern but cosy atmosphere with the typical open shower into room facilities. It has a large desk & comfortable ergonomic chair as well as big flat screen tv and many controllable lighting options making it a perfect room for an overnight stay for business. The bathroom has a bath and shower which is in a glass shower area that looks into the room unless the curtains are shut. The bed is very comfortable and fresh smelling and the decor is stylish and furniture has been perfectly cleaned.


Facilities at the Baoliliai include various restaurants, one on the top floor that rotates and offers a good view. There is a large gym area with big windows, a large indoor pool with pilar and grand style design with steam and sauna. A big modern Spa area offers all sorts of massages and facials. Also outside a tennis court and little golf putting area as well as a nice chinese garden with a bridge over water. There is also a dedicated ping pong room and large snooker table with accompanying bars. There is a nightclub on the ground floor but it is a top karaoke sort of club, not familiar with these sort of clubs, the staff tried to charge me 900y to go, so I didn’t bother. There is a bar upstairs anyway.All in all the hotel has many facilities


The only issue I found at the hotel was slight incompetencies with the staff whom at many occasions tried to double charge me (Room was paid for by another company) such as the hotel car which was to be charged to the room yet the bellboy was trying to get me to pay cash . As well as the reception demanding credit card when the whole payment of the room was already covered. There was obviously seemed to be a lack of communication between booking dept and front desk.

Baolilai International Hotel, China, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Bao’an, 福永街道福永大道

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Functional and Stylish hotel not far from airport in Shenzhen.

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